Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Introducing the Williamsburg County Emergency Services Citizens Building.  

A proud moment for Williamsburg County Citizens! 

Williamsburg County Emergency Medical Services PatchWilliamsburg County Emergency Medical Services (WCEMS) is a Public Service Department of the Williamsburg County government. WCEMS is authorized by the Williamsburg County Council to provide emergency medical services to the citizens and its guests of Williamsburg County. WCEMS provides Advanced Life Support to the community on a 24-hour schedule.

Mission & Goals

A professional organization dedicated to the preservation of life and limb. Exercising good judgment; utilize professional and common knowledge in the performance of all duties. Excel in public safety and public education related to emergency and non-emergency medical services. Through planning and foresight provide comprehensive services in an excellent and timely manner giving the best patient care possible.

Headquarters / Sub-Stations

Our headquarters station/business office is located in the City of Kingstree, South Carolina, with two sub-stations. Sub-Station Number 2 is located on Highway 261 in Hemingway, South Carolina. Sub-Station Number 3 is located at 9 McMaster Road, Salters, South Carolina.

Advanced Life Support

We are licensed as an Advanced Life Support System, serving emergency medical response to the County Of Williamsburg. These areas include:

  • Bloomingville
  • Cades
  • Greeleyville
  • Hemingway 
  • Kingstree
  • Lanes
  • Salters
  • Trio

Our service area is 963 square rural miles, with a population of 37,217.