Solid Waste Disposal Fee Fact Sheet

The Solid Waste Disposal Fee of $111 assessed on your property tax bill is to haul and dispose of household garbage to sites in Dorchester and Sumter counties and to process recycled materials collected at the County’s recycling centers. 

The Solid Waste Disposal Fee is assessed to the owners of each real property in the County (qualifying under Ordinance 1999-9). The 2011 to 2012 fee assessment is based on approximately 15,862 structures/units currently on the County’s tax books.

Expenses Covered

The Solid Waste Disposal Fee must cover the expenses of maintaining the Solid Waste and Recycling programs and facilities necessary to fulfill the County’s obligation to manage all solid waste generated in Williamsburg County as mandated by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). The 2011 to 2012 Approved Budget for the Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Programs and Facilities are $1,760,743.19.

Special Landfill Fee

The new Solid Waste Disposal Fee of $111 is not the same as the $30 Special Landfill Fee. The $30 Special Landfill Fee will be used to maintain the closed landfill at Salters for 30 years (which is required by SCDHEC).

The Special Landfill Fee will also be used to manage the Construction and debris (C&D) operations. Construction and debris waste will continue to be accepted at the Salter’s landfill until it reaches its full capacity.

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