Poll Workers

Poll Workers NeededThe Williamsburg County Voter Registration & Election Office is always looking for excited and qualified poll workers to work on Election Day. Becoming a poll worker is a great opportunity to give back to your community while learning the electoral process.


In order to be a poll manager or clerk, YOU MUST: 

  • Be a registered voter. Sixteen- or Seventeen-year-olds can also work as assistant poll managers. 
  • Attend a Poll Manager Training Class before EACH election. Classes are between 2.5 to 3 hours in length. 
  • Be willing and able to work the ENTIRE Election Day, from approximately 6:00 AM until approximately 8:00 PM. 
  • Be non-partisan and neutral when working an election. 
  • Not be related to or work for any candidate on the ballot in your assigned precinct. 

Election Day Responsibilities include:

  • Greeters
  • Processing of voters
  • Activating the Ballot Marking Device for each voter
  • Compliance with election law and procedures, and general assistance to voters 

Poll Worker Pay 

Clerks (the lead poll manager):                                                 Poll Managers and Assistants

$60.00 for training                                                                      $60.00 for training

$60.00 for paperwork  and responsibilities                                $100.00 for working all of election day

$100.00 for working all of election day                                                                 

$100.00 for additional training 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the following form below that applies to you:

Copy of Poll Workers are Heroes Opens in new window
Copy of Copy of Poll Workers are Heroes Opens in new window

When your application is received, you will be added to our mailing list. We will keep you informed of upcoming Poll Manager training sessions and elections. Once a position becomes available at a precinct in our county, the Director uses this database to contact citizens to fill the vacancy. For further information about working the polls, email wcvr@wc.sc.gov  or call the Board of Voter Registration & Elections at (843)355-6044.

Once contacted ALL NEW Workers must fill out Human Resource Paperwork and email to wcvr@wc.sc.gov

Thank you for your interest!

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