How do I get a high-mileage adjustment?
  • The amount of the high-mileage adjustment is based on a table provided by the SC Department of Revenue.
  • Odometer readings are subject to visual inspection by Auditor’s Staff.
  • You may mail, fax, or personally present your appeal to the Auditor’s office.
    • If you file an appeal, your appeal does not extend the due date.
    • You should file the appeal early in the month so that you can receive a revised tax bill in time to pay it and renew your registration prior to the expiration of your tag decal.
  • Once your renewal date has expired, appeals for high mileage cannot be granted for that year’s taxes (in accordance with state law).
  • If your vehicle is over 15 years old, it does not qualify for the high mileage reduction. The value is already at a minimum charge.
  • If you do not receive a tax bill at least 45 days before your vehicle tag renewal is due, contact the Auditor’s office immediately.

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